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bosch rp27pt manual

Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual BOSCH RP27PT. We hope that this BOSCH RP27PT user guide will be useful to you. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, connect this terminal or connector to the grounding terminal of the electrical service of supply panel with a continuous copper wire in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I. Contents. Using the Powerstream Pro Installing the Powerstream Pro Spare Parts Starting up the Powerstream Pro How the Powerstream Pro works Specifications If you have a problem Warranty 3 3 7 7 8 9 10 11You may need to refer to it for general instructions or future maintenance. Wait until you are sure that it has completely thawed out before you switch it on. Make sure that the ground wire is wrapped around its terminal stud and into the saddle washer. The nut should be tightened securely. Attach the front cover and tighten the retaining screws. The unit must be grounded. Fitting the auxiliary terminal block (see diagram below). Connect the blue wires from the right hand terminal of the new block to the L2 terminals in the unit. (There are two blue wires required in the RP17PT and three in the RP27PT). Push and click the auxiliary terminal block onto the louvered rail in the backplate. Connecting the supply cableAttach the front cover and tighten the retaining screws. Spare Parts. Starting up the Powerstream Pro. Checking for leaks. Check that no pipe joints leak. Adjusting the temperature dial. Turning the dial clockwise increases the temperature setting as indicated by the marking on the unit. Adjusting the flowIn any way can't Lastmanuals be held responsible if the document you are looking for is not available, incomplete, in a different language than yours, or if the model or language do not match the description. Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service. THE WATER SUPPLY IS CONNECTED TO THE OUTLET OF THE UNIT - Verify plumbing connections are correct. See: TWH E2-01.

Reconnect the water supply to the inlet of the unit (marked blue). ONE OR MORE OF THE HEATING MODULE THERMAL CUT-OUTS HAS TRIPPED - Turn off the power to the heater, remove the cover and locate thermal cutouts on the top of each heating module. Try resetting each cutout by pushing the red reset button located in the center of the cutout. Establish and fix the cause of the overheating. Obstructions in the water path can restrict the flow of water through the heater causing it to overheat. Verify the heater’s inlet filter screen and all outlets served by the heater are clear of debris. Ensure the heater is not being fed preheated water. This water heater is designed for a cold water feed only. If thermal cut outs keep tripping, check for continuity through the elements. See: TWH E2-02. PLUMBING CROSSOVER - To test for a plumbing crossover, turn off power supply to the heater. Close installer supplied cold water shut off valve (if none installed, install before proceeding). Open all hot water taps supplied by the heater. Wait 10 minutes and check all faucets. Any water running is a sign of a plumbing crossover. Consult a local plumber or service person for help in correcting a plumbing crossover. To return the heater to service, reinstall cover, open the inlet water supply to the heater and open all hot water taps. Let all taps run until there is no air coming out of the fixtures. Shut off all hot water taps. Turn power supply on to the heater. Return heater to service. (this procedure will prevent the heating elements from dry firing). THE FLOW TRANSDUCER IS NOT SPINNING - Turn off the power supply to the heater and remove the cover. Please note the flow transducer spins at a high speed and can appear to be stopped when actually spinning. It is recommended to observe the flow transducer without water flowing, then turn on a hot water tap while observing the flow transducer. If the flow transducer is not spinning remove, and flush flow transducer. See: TWH E2-21.

Contact Technical Support if flushing does not work. NO ELECTRICITY AT THE HEATER OR ONE OF THE SUPPLIES HAS FAILED - Have a licensed electrician verify proper wiring and adequate voltage on the terminal block inside the water heater. See: TWH E2-01. Water Too Cold - Neon Light On TEMPERATURE DIAL IS TURNED TOO LOW - Turn the temperature dial located on the bottom of the water heater clockwise for hotter temperatures. WATER FLOW TOO HIGH - Adjust water flow to stay within the water heater’s specifications. See: TWH E2-03. Refer to Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual. ONE OR MORE OF THE HEATING MODULE THERMAL CUT-OUTS HAS TRIPPED - Shut off the power to the unit, remove the cover and locate thermal cutouts on the top of each heating module. THE POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE HAS DROPPED - This is likely an issue with the incoming power supply. Measure voltage on the water heater’s terminal block while operating at maximum flow and maximum temperature setting. The RP27PT and RP17PT models are rated for 240V and will also operate at 220V or 208V with reduced output. The output will vary in accordance with the following ratios: volts 208 output ratio 75%, volts 220 output ratio 84% and volts 240 output ratio 100%. THE INLET WATER TEMPERATURE IS TOO COLD - Verify the heater is sized appropriately for it’s geographic location. Turn temperature knob located on the bottom of the water all the way clockwise for maximum temperature setting. Ensure flow rates are within the heater’s specifications. Refer to Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual. Use of an isolation valve on the hot water outlet to control flow rate is recommended. ONE OF THE POWER SUPPLIES IS NOT ON - Have a licensed electrician verify adequate voltage on the terminal block inside the water heater, Verify circuit breakers serving the heater are not tripped. Check the supply voltages. PREMATURE ELEMENT FAILURE - Shut off power to the unit and remove cover. Use an ohm meter to verify correct resistance on each element.

See: TWH E2-02. If readings are different than listed specifications, contact Technical Support for further instruction. Verify the heater’s inlet filter screen, faucet aerators, showerheads and whole house filters are clear of debris. Verify proper flow on the outlet side of the heater with the hot water pipe disconnected. For people on well systems, the recommended pressure range is 30-50psi. OUTLET SHUT-OFF VALVES ARE SET TOO LOW - Adjust installer supplied outlet valve as described here: a) Completely open both installer supplied inlet and outlet shut-off valves at the heater. (if none installed, install before proceeding; b) Completely open hot water on the highest flowing hot water fixture served by the heater (i.e. bathtub); c) Slowly close the outlet shut-off valve, slowing the water flow rate until the temperature at the hot water faucet corresponds to the values given on Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual, or desired water temperature is reached. Water Temperature Too Hot TEMPERATURE DIAL SET TOO HIGH - Turn the temperature dial located on the bottom of the water heater counterclockwise for cooler temperatures. THERE ARE RESTRICTIONS IN THE PLUMBING - Obstructions in the water path can restrict the flow of water through the heater causing overheating. Verify the heater’s inlet filter screen, faucet aerators, showerheads and whole house filters are clear of debris. Maximum flow rates for each unit are as follows. RP17PT - 2.3gpm, RP27PT - 3.5gpm. INLET WATER TEMPERATURE IS TOO WARM - Verify the heater is being feed with cold water only. This water heater is not designed for preheated water or recirculation applications. Increase flow rate where ever possible. Replacing low flow showerheads and aerators with higher flowing (GPM) ones may be necessary. This requires a lot of cold water to be added with it in order to attain a useable hot water temperature. The addition of too much cold water will overpower hot water demand from the tankless water heater.

This slows the flow within the tankless water heater, decreasing it below activation point, which shuts off the heater. The end result is nothing but cold water coming out of the outlet. See: TWH E2-04. FLUCTUATING WATER PRESSURE - If the water pressure in the home is erratic and the water flow is not consistent while a tap is opened, then the temperature of hot water will fluctuate. The minimum water pressure for the home should be 30psi or greater. For people on well systems the minimum pressure range is 30-50psi. CHANGING FLOW RATE - Major changes in low rate can adversely affect the output water temperature of the heater. Increases from one major fixture running to multiple fixtures running at one time can cause the temperature to fluctuate. Stay within the heater’s specifications. See: TWH E2-03. Pembuatan Brosur iklan.000 Rp. 27 PT ADI JAYA Jl. Pembukuan: Bag.Pembayaran listrik dan air.000 Rp. Rajawali No. 22 Mengetahui: Bandung Aditya Bag. Download and read bosch hot water heater manual cybele celestial arts 2009 paperback online or download bosch rp27pt applications manual handbook. Click Here for more info Please select another product. Please click here to see Replacement Product. Advantages include 97% efficiency with minimal stand-by loss and a built-in flow sensor to ensure a constant output temperature to deliver endless hot water for 1 major application at a time. Plastic or PEX type plumbing line materials are not suitable for connecting directly to the water heater. This would be supplied through three 40-amp double-pole breakers in your breaker box. Your house MUST have at least 200 amp service. For a better experience, we recommend using another browser. Learn more Facebook Join or log in to Facebook. Email or phone Password Forgotten account. Log In Do you want to join Facebook. Sign Up Sign Up This page isn't available The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

Table of ContentsThe Bosch Applications Manual is intended to present some of theDefinitionsFeatures: GWH 715 ES Installation ClearancesFeatures:Features:Features:Features:Features:Features:Features:Features: Installation guidelines:Features:Features: Electrical:Potable water. Potable water is water that is suitable for.Simply tap into the cold water line and install the water heater.PowerstreamPro point-of-use water heaters come in four.The Bosch GWH-260PN gas tankless water heater offersWhole house applications cover the typical home applications up toThe circulator should be controlled by.Below are two examples of Bosch ProTankless gas water.The circulator should be controlled by.Potable water. Potable water is water that is suitable.Two Bosch ProTankless units will.A cascading application should be considered if the potential hotIntroduction. This section lays out tank loading options for.The following shows the appropriate electrical connections for.Introduction. This section is designed to.The following shows the appropriate electrical connections for.The following shows the appropriate electrical connections.The following shows the appropriate electrical connections. The following shows the.The following shows the appropriate electrical connections.Bosch appliances are designed to last for many years.Bosch Group. Bosch Water HeatingLondonderry, NH 03053. Telephone (603) 882-1100. The Bosch Tronic 6000 WH27 electric whole house tankless water heater is compact and powerful and can installed virtually anywhere inside the home. Advantages include endless hot water, reduced electricity costs and substantial space savings. This new model features a digital display and a thermostat control on the front of the unit. Designed to replace a 40-gallon electric tank. The Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 electric tankless water heater is built to last. It has solid copper heat exchangers and brass fittings.

A thermal cut-out switch provides an excellent safety measure and ensures that the heating elements will not need replacement, as they do with many other electric tankless water heaters. This small unit can be installed virtually anywhere in the home and, of course, produce an endless supply of hot water. The Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 is the direct replacement for the Bosch Tronic 5000 C WH27 and it also replaces the older Powerstream Pro RP27PT and the Bosch PowerStar AE125. AE Canada Kit required. Please note that the older Powerstream Pro RP27PT and the Powerstar AE125 electric tankless water heaters were 15.5 x 15.25 x 4.5 inches while the Bosch Tronic 6000 Model WH27 measures 12.5 x 15.25 x 4.5 inches, just like the Bosch Tronic 5000 WH27. The water connections on the Bosch Tronic 6000 Model WH27 are also off slightly from the older model heaters. The Bosch Tronic 6000 Model WH27 has serial numbers that begin with 555 and higher and the PCB replacement part number is 8-738-710-922. Please visit the web site Warranty Page for the full details of the Bosch product warranty. Be sure to fill out your Warranty Card and send it to Bosch immediately after your installation to ensure you are registered for the full product warranty. In Canada, the AE125 requires a 120A 240V AC single phase supply protected by a 120A double pole circuit breaker. Please see the AE 125 Installation Manual for more details and wiring diagrams. This product will also work with the Bosch Tronic 5000 WH27 and the Powerstream Pro RP27PT. Bosch RP27PT Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater ShipPing Buy On Sale Best Cheap Save. Designed to replace a 40-gallon electric tank. The RP27PT Powerstream Pro electric tankless water heater is built to last. This small unit can be installed virtually anywhere in the home and, of course, produce an endless supply of hot water.

You Save Price “ Bosch RP27PT Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater ” when you make a purchase today. Make sure you only buy from this website. I hope you still get the best price. Amazon, the Amazon logo, Endless, and the Endless logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates TrackBack URI Notify me of new posts via email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here. When I turn the hot water tap on the heater will flare up as it should. But then after a minute the flame goes out again. I was told it’s the glue temperature sensor that has gone but I’m not convinced. Does anyone have any idea what it could be wrong please. Anne Still works. I cut eater supply off and stops. What is the cause? I have had it close to 10 years with no problems but other day pilot light went out and I can not get it to light and stay lite. They are easy to install and not that expensive. Good luckThe water temperature knob is frozen and will not allow me to adjust the water temperature. The water heater is mounted in my garage. What do I do? Looks like a small coil spring sticking out of the pilot orifice that doesn't show in the owners manual. Could this be the problem? I have connected 9kg emergency bottle but Pilot light gone out and unit wont ignite.There are many reasons for this problem and here are some; low gas pressure, fan speed is low, wire connections are loose, the air in the gas line, no gas.Answer questions, earn points and help others. With many models to choose from, you can customize your water-heating usage. Go tankless with the highest level of technological advancement possible with Tankless water heaters from Bosch.There are some variables that could reduce the amount you save. One example is you will not run out of hot water, so longer showers could cut into your savings. Also, the cost of electricity, propane and natural gas in your area will affect the amount of money saved.

The higher the cost for the energy type used to heat your water, the quicker you can recover the higher initial cost of installing a tankless versus tank style water heater. It's easier to get scalded - but this is easily mitigated with anti-scald valves. Ariston and PowerStar Wholesale: Tankless water heaters by Bosch Therm, Ariston Pro Ti and Powerstream. Pro We carry the complete line of Bosch Therm Tankless Water Heaters through our Pro Water Heater Supply Division. This wholesale line of tankless water heaters was previously called the Bosch Pro Series of tankless water heaters.If you are a home owner we cannot sell you the Bosch Therm tankless water heaters. Please have your professional installer call us at 866.289.4652.NG (formerly the Bosch Pro 800ES NG) Bosch Therm C 1050ES. LP (formerly the Bosch Pro 800ES LP) NG (formerly the Bosch Pro 715ES NG) LP (formerly the Bosch Pro 715ES LP) NG Bosch Therm 830ES NG Bosch Therm 660EF NG Outdoor Bosch Therm 660EFO. LP Outdoor. English 282 Additional exercises 284 Study guide 301 Key to. Bosch RP3P Tankless Water Heater - RP3P powerstream pro electric 120V, 29A thermostatic tankless water heater for online purchase. Browse our store. 18 Dec 2010 Do you have an old PowerStream or PowerStream Pro or PowerStar electric whole-house Powerstream Pro 45553703 or 45-553703. RP1P, RP2P, RP3P, RP7P, RP9P, PowerStream Pro Handbook, Download RP17PT, RP27PT, Powerstream Pro Handbook, SN 60-107, Download (PDF 0.9 Powerstream pro model 45 553703 manual. Recent Bosch RP27PT Powerstream Pro 553703 Electric Tankless Water Heater I need please 553703 the manual,,,,. All you Doc2512.pdf The AVR Microcontroller family is a modern architecture, with all the bells and.The AVR Enhanced RISC microcontroller supports powerful and efficient addressing modes the various addressing modes supported by the AVR architecture.Why Microcontroller. The memory spaces in the AVR architecture are all linear and regular memory maps. Introduction to AVR.

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